November 27, 2020

August Annual Outing

Date: Saturday - Sunday, 18-19 August 2018

Location: Balsam Mountain, North Carolina

Trails: (see below)

Members: Bart, Kirk

The annual August outing to Balsam Mountain of the Sipsey Wilderness Hiking Club was scheduled for the week-end of August 18th and 19th of 2018. Participants began arriving as early as Wednesday with everyone getting there by Thursday afternoon. Those involved were Dewayne, Pam, Tasha, Charlie, Dave, Robbie, Rachel, Blaze, Tyburt, Bart, Gary and Charlie(the dog). Those arriving on Wednesday set up camp and then went to the Pisgah National Forest and did an overnight backpacking trip. Thursday was pretty much visiting and setting up our glamp with the highlight being Pam and Tasha’s foray to the store using a GPS that apparently did not know the difference between a paved road and a dirt trail. On Friday we went our separate ways with some hiking and others going on driving tours with an evening meal of steak and sides for everyone with rain moving in that night. The rain continued intermittently through most of Saturday with some of the group finally venturing out to hike the flat creek trail. Saturday evening the rain stopped and we had joint supper consisting of dishes created by several of the group and shared by all including some visiting campers with musical entertainment afterwards by Dewayne. Sunday dawned cloudy but rain free allowing all to lod up their wet gear for a safe ride home.

Submitted by WHITEMAN

Photos by BART