November 28, 2020

SWHC held its regular monthly meeting on April 4th. 2017

Members present were Charlie,Gary,Robby and Bart. New business items included the monthly outing for April 15th for a hike along Trail 224. Treasurers report was given and approved Members brought and discussed hiking gear for the program. Meeting adjourned 8pm


SWHC held its regular monthly meeting September 4th 2018

The SWHC met with four members in attendance: Bomber Brown, Dewayne Robinson, Gary White and Bart Seymour.

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Brown promptly @ 7p.m. Treasurer Report given by Bart Seymour. .Co-Chairman White provided club with an update report from the planning session with the Alabama Hiking Trail Society in August. The proposed route for the trail thru Walker and Winston counties was reviewed. Final plans were discussed for the Sept. outing to Springer Mtn. Ga. 15and 16th·Executes to website are in process. Meeting adjourned at 8p.m.


SWHC held its regular monthly meeting October 2nd 2018

In attendance were members:Bomber,Gary,Bart,Charlie,Dewayne,Pam and Chris.

Meeting called to order Chairman Brown. Treasurer. report given and approved.

New Business: Completion of planning detail for reminder of year outing and hikes, as well as maintenance dates for Mitchell Ridge trail. Trail leader for October hike appointed.

Club voted to begin work on Nov.10th.No trial work in October .Co-Chairman gave report on September Springer Mt .Meeting adjourned 8PM.

SWHC Monthly Meeting Jan 8th 2019
Chairman Brown called meeting to order @ 7pm. No old business discussed.  New business was the selection of 2018 hikes and events. 
Members present: Bomber, Dewayne, Bart, Gary, Chris. Meeting adjourned. 
SWHC held its Monthly Meeting Feb. 5th 2019

Meeting called to order promptly at 7pm. by Chairman Brown. Treasury report given. Old business involved finals plans for March and April outings, no new business introduced

Members present Bomber,Gary,Bart,Dewayne,Charlie,Barry,Durwin.


SWHC held monthly meeting March. 5th 2019

Treasury report given. New business: final plans for Flagg Mtn. Outing March 15-17th. Old business: confirmed price of club merchandise, Trail Work day along Trail 210 Saturday March 9th. Gary updated club on Saw Maintenance issues

Six Members present

SWHC held monthly meeting April 2nd 2019
Treasury report given. New business: final plans for Cane Creek Canyon outing April 12-14.  Overnight camping. Also club discussed Trail Work Day for Saturday April 6th.  Meeting at Chief Troy, starting work at trailhead 8-8:30am. North end of Trail 210.  Also club worked on plans for May 18th. Hiking Celebration at Sipsey Picnic grounds. This is 2nd Annual Celebration.
Reminder to get reservations for Savage Gulf outing June 14-16 must be made online now.
Seven members present. 
SWHC Meeting September 3rd 2019
Chariman Brown called meeting to order promtly @ 7pm. Outing report from Aug trip to Balsam Mountain, that included overnight camping.  This proved to be the largest outing of 2019. Largely in part to the great cooks!  Thanks to Durwin and Charlie for all you do! Club voted to renew business cards again in 2020. Think about that members when you say 20 years!!
Club finalized plans for Sept Monthly outing for Sept 13-15th will be Springer MTN. GA.  The club outing for Oct includes Trail Work Day Oct 5th.  Overnight camp/hike will be Oct 11-13th using Trail 208/Braziel Creek Area. Club reported that two members had updated their CPR cards in Sept.  Thanks to Dewayne and Gary for your efforts. Bomber adjourned meeting 8pm. 
Members Present: Whiteman, Bart, Durwin, Barry, Charlie, Brown.